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Hand-picked freebies and resources to give you a head-start in your next awesome project.
Design Inspiration
We curate the best of design from various sources so you don't have to go searching on the internet.
Ideas and inspiration to create your own side-projects.
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Detailed case studies, inspiring portfolio & agency websites, interviews, videos, insightful stories on the business of creativity, community building, remote work, no-code and more…

Who reads this newsletter?

  • Creators from all over the world. The majority of them are from the USA followed by the UK, Germany & India in their respective order.
  • A mix of product designers, developers, makers, copywriters, managers, founders & creative entrepreneurs.
  • Tech-savvy creators looking for new products and resources to make their lives better.
  • Those who've embraced the remote work culture and also those who like to work from an office.

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