About Product Disrupt

Product Disrupt is a curated list of resources to learn product design from the internet. Think of it as a guide to your DIY design education.

It's the internet age and we no longer need to go to an expensive school to educate ourselves about design. There are enough good folks out there who have created resources for everyone to benefit from.

Whether you're just starting out or already a PRO, there's always something you can learn. The resources listed here are going to remain relevant at all stages of your career.

Once upon a time…

I went to an engineering college and transitioned to digital product design through freelancing. Naturally, my blog readers, friends & colleagues grew curious and often asked me questions like "How did you learn product design? What's your day-to-day job? How can I get into design?" and so on…

I always did my best to answer their questions and guide them in the right direction but eventually, I got tired of the repetitive nature of these questions and started thinking of ways to simplify this.

Of course, I'd my go-to resources listed down, which I still refer from time-to-time. I put them together on a website which anyone could go to and start learning from.

The first version became a stand-out success notching the #1 product of the day honors on Product Hunt. This made me realize that I'd got something here, I continued working on it and see, we've already got a version 2 up and running.


I’ve always been a believer in transparency and openness. Which is why hopping on the Open Startup bandwagon seemed like a no-brainer to me. I have and will continue to build Product Disrupt on these very principles of transparency and openness.

You may ask, what is the Open Startup Movement anyway? In Danielle Johnson's words, the Open Startup trend is a transparency and openness movement seemingly initiated by Buffer, quickly adopted by Ghost, capitalized by Baremetrics, and recently popularised in the Indie Maker community by Pieter Levels.

To put it simply, any startup is an open startup that shares its statistics, revenue and growth stories out in the public.

Here's the Twitter thread where I share Product Disrupt's monthly numbers.
Sharing these numbers out in the open is a great way to connect with fellow makers, build an audience and collaborate. These are some direct benefits that would have been difficult to achieve otherwise.
🙏 Special thanks to Keshav Sharma for helping me develop this website in Webflow.