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What’s inside?

Product Prompts
Every month, we reach out to the most influential people in their respective domains and gather their thoughts on a particular topic to learn and grow, together. Click here to see the past prompts.
Design Inspiration
We curate the best of UI and Interaction design from Dribbble and Behance and post a new round-up every month to keep your creative juices flowing.
Side-Projects & Free Resources
Monthly side-project inspiration coupled with hand-picked freebies and resources to get you a head-start in your next awesome project.
More Interesting Stuff
Detailed case studies, inspiring live websites, interviews, videos, insightful stories on the business of creativity, community & remote work and more…

Audience overview

  • Our readers are spread out all over the world. The majority of them are based in the USA followed by the UK, India & Germany in their respective order.
  • Our readers are a mix of product designers, developers, makers, copywriters, managers, founders & creative entrepreneurs.
  • Our readers' age group is 20-45 years with high disposable income.
  • Our readers are both people working on-site and those who've embraced the remote work culture.


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